Islamic Countries Must Change their Approach.

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It is not secularists who need to quit opposing Islam. It is Islam who needs to abolish Islamism, and learn to respect everyone else!

Islamic countries have to change their approach towards interacting with other Islamic countries and everyone else. They cannot continue with the same political approach and socio-cultural ideology, while unceasingly blaming the West for their misfortunes! Muslims will need to hang up their global islamisation agenda. They will also need to give up this religious nationalism agenda Continue reading

How is the Shahada Instrumental to Global Islamic Cultural Imperialism?

How is the Shahada instrumental to Global Islamic Cultural Imperialism?

Shahada, the fundamental creed of Islam, says, “There is no God but Allah” [Quran 6:102,106; 2:163]. Islam—the religious, social, cultural and political order sanctioned by Allah, the supreme only true sovereign of the universe—must replace all else and dominate over all peoples. For establishing an all- embracing Islamic cultural imperialism—that is, Islam, as the only and the complete way of life for all peoples as demanded by Allah—Muslims must wage Jihad in whatsoever way they can [Quran 2:193, 8:39]. The ongoing pogrom of non-Muslims in Islamic countries, which goes on with little opposition from the wider Muslim populace, is, consciously or subconsciously, the enforcement of the Islamic cultural imperialism—a fundamental writ of Islam. Continue reading