Colonialism: Arab & European Compared.

Comparative Digest [3] Colonialism: Arab & European Compared – Black Power Pan Africanism (BPPA) Tract No 3. 

Presented below is one part of a three part comparative digest series in which Nigerian author (from the Pan-African school of thought) Chinweizu discusses African historic relations with Arabs and Europeans, across three strands – ‘Racism’, ‘Enslavement of Blacks’ and ‘Colonialism’. He argues that for almost every key aspect of European racism against Blacks in history, there was an Arab/Islamic counterpart that was just as brutal when it wasn’t worse. The comparative digest is recommended literature in understanding colonial injustices committed against Africans, not from the perspective of a single story, as is so often erroneously the case, but rather told as it should be – taking into account, both European and Arab/Islamic atrocities. The colonial crimes committed by Arabs, against Africans, through Islam, very often go unchecked and unspoken under the guise of political correctness and avoidance of offending religious sentiments. Rather recently, Nigerian Continue reading


MTV MAMAs Amplification of India’s Anti-African Racism.

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Africans are very quick to recognise, accept and serve others. All in the name of good-will and promoting humanity. Nowhere on the surface of this earth are others as quick to extend this same level of goodwill to Africans. Idi Amin was a nasty piece of work but many Ugandans agreed with him when he said Asian migrants were occupying too many prominent positions in Uganda’s civil service, taking influential jobs, hoarding wealth and sabotaging the economy. Till this day, there are influential voices in African nationalist Continue reading

Awolowo vs Achebe: “We Remember Differently” ~ By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

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The Bank Notes of Biafra

We recently began an academic exposé on secularism in Africa. A recommended case for  the secular studies in Africa is Nigeria. Nigeria officially emerged at the dawn of the 60s as an independent nation, after decades of being administered as a British colony. In 1967, a civil war broke out between the nation and its Eastern region. The region was seeking secession. The Eastern region was the indigenous homeland of the Igbo ethnic group and sub groups. They had established a country on their indigenous part of the country, and named it Biafra. The country had ministries, a civil service sector and a bank. There is a lot written about the war already, although the Biafran struggle is not given due attention in the secular studies. In Ahiara Declaration, the Biafrans identified their cause as a Black self-determination struggle against racism, White economic imperialism and Arab-Muslim expansionism. One of the first things Biafrans did upon establishing their country was to create a bank. In the piece below, the author examines the bank notes of Biafra. We have included pictures to the vital reading, to facilitate a visual understanding. The author also covers the financial challenges that the nascent nation faced during the course of the war, when Biafrans fought for their self-determination while being totally blockaded and ferociously bombed by the Nigerian army.

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From Giant of Africa to Give Me Oduduwa Or Let Me Die

From Giant of Africa to Give Me Oduduwa Or Let Me Die

There is a saying that goes thus: Nigeria is not a country but a continent.

Nigeria is a continent consisting of multiple and often times contrasting nations with conflicting national ideologies. It is a nation with over 250 ethnic groups, has the largest economy in Africa and is largely termed the Giant of Africa. As resounding and roaring as the title Giant of Africa sounds, it irrefutably is just that – a mere title. It is a title that sanitises the British Empire’s failed experiment. It is a title that exonerates the Native’s conscience from the indictment of genocide against the fellow Native. It is a conceited and fraudulent risible title that honours not indigenous identity thus can only proceed without honour for the self. Ancestral pride succumbs, that the shame of pretentious grandeur may prevail. Giant of Africa is a title that does not reflect the realities on ground for the present day common men or women, who live feed and walk like ants in a country allegedly inhabited by ‘giants’!

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My people are g…


My people are going to learn the principles of democracy.

“My people are going to learn the principles of democracy the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will, every man can follow his own conscience provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow men.”
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


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Islamic Countries Must Change their Approach.

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It is not secularists who need to quit opposing Islam. It is Islam who needs to abolish Islamism, and learn to respect everyone else!

Islamic countries have to change their approach towards interacting with other Islamic countries and everyone else. They cannot continue with the same political approach and socio-cultural ideology, while unceasingly blaming the West for their misfortunes! Muslims will need to hang up their global islamisation agenda. They will also need to give up this religious nationalism agenda Continue reading