The Beginning of Islamic Imperialism in Europe.

Islamic imperial rule started with the conquest of Spain in 711 and lasted until 1492 when European powers manned up and freed themselves from the chokehold of Islamic supremacy.

In July 711, 7000 Islamised Berber tribesmen stormed across the straits of Gibraltar and invaded Europe. They then began an incredible process of expansions. In just four years, they colonised almost the whole of Spain, made forays inland and were only halted in France by Charles Martel, at the battle of Tours in 732. Were it not for this defeat, Britain and all of Europe would have fallen to the Islamic rule of an army which thus far had successfully crossed two continents.

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Muammar Gaddafi on Eurabia and Polytheists.

Muammar Gaddafi:

“We have fifty million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe. without swords, without guns, without military conquests. The fifty Continue reading

Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood Credo.


“Allah is our goal, the Prophet is our model, the Quran is our constitution, jihad is our path and death for the sake of Allah is our most coveted desire” ~ Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood Credo.

Article Eight: The Constitutional Slogan of Hamas.

Islamic World Domination: Muslim Brotherhood’s Goal.

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Prior to the coming of Islam in India, India was one of the world’s top civilisations. India possessed significant achievements in Science, Mathematics, Literature, Philosophy, Medicine, Astronomy, Architecture. Scholars have described medieval India as “history’s most richly imaginative culture and one of the five most advanced civilisations of all times“. Its architecture and artistry, the “most awe-inspiring, ornate and spell-binding found anywhere in the world” much so that “no artist of any historical civilization has ever Continue reading

“Religion is a …


“Religion is a mighty motive force. So is rapine. But where religion is goaded on by rapine and rapine serves as a handmaid to religion, the propelling force that is generated by these together is only equalled by the profoundity of human misery and devastation they leave behind them in their march. Heaven and hell making a common cause-such were the forces, overwhelmingly furious, that took India by surprise the day Mohammad crossed the Indus and invaded her” ~ V. D. Savarkar.

India Before the Coming of Islam.

To say the Islamist is the Islamic adherent’s worst enemy may sound conspiratorial but it is both historically and theologically factual.

Multiple reliable historical evidence record that the spread of Islam out from the harsh temperates of Arabia into the Indian Subcontinent, to the domains of China, through Eastern and North Africa, into Europe all the way to the heartland of France; was a most overhauling, violent and uncompromising imperialist undertaking. Some of the Natives in these regions initially welcomed the intervention of Islamic rule, where they themselves were being oppressed by the tyranny of their own governments (for example in Spain). A vast many of Natives however vehemently resisted Islamic conquest. In North Africa for example, the Berbers were a thorn in the flesh of Islamic imperialists in Africa. They forced the Muslim Arabs to withdraw several times from the Maghreb. In putting up a most staunch resistance to Islamic creed, Ibn Khaldun recorded that the Berbers apostatised twelve times before Islamic rule could decisively be imposed on them. It is needless to assert the obvious that through the course of this conquest, Islamic ideology was instrumental to seditiously disarming Native institutions and weakening local ethnic ties among Berbers. Islamic imperialism was so thorough there that today, an overwhelming majority of Berbers no longer identify with their despised Native ancestral lineage nor do they consider themselves Berbers. The loyalty of majority Berbers are today invested in the Arabian Heartlands. The Berbers, now Arabian cultural slaves, are today called Arabs. Could this colonist outcome have been any different considering that it was the Arabs who were the first cultural ambassadors of Islam? Can Islamisation result in any other outcome but Arabisation?

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Universal Declaration of Rights for Ideologies.

The modified declaration of the Human Rights Charter below is not an attempt to mock the inherent fascism in absolute religiosity. It is chiefly an attempt to aid both the human rights amateur (religious and irreligious)  and the unquestioning non-Muslim, in understanding the stark implications and legislative practicalities of the supremacy of religious (Islamic) ideology. How is the Islamic religion different from other religions? Islam is the only religion known to man that seeks total pre-eminence over the personal, spiritual, social and political affairs of the living – whether the living be Muslim or non-Muslim. Through the course of centuries, the world’s biggest religion – Christianity – underwent series of Reformations to sway it from this intolerance affliction. Inherent to the precepts of Islam is the expansionist notion that the Islamic ideology must be exalted over the affairs of man everywhere, to the ends of the Earth and beyond into the great chasm of the universe. By divine law, Islam also reserves the right to militaristically pursue this outcome. While the accusation of inherent fascism does not apply to secular notions of religion (including Islam), it most certainly defines Theocratic notions of religion. It makes somewhat easier comparative reading, to be familiar with the original Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter.

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