This panel is run by a group of young Africans based in a number of cities across Africa. It is dedicated to fulfilling three purposes. 1) To Promote scholarly articles about the exiguously studied subject of Islamic Imperialism. 2) To support the global initiative of developing secular democracies for the human race. 3) To empower women around the world, and more crucially in the developing world, through secularism. Twitter: @SecularAfrican

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  1. You seem to have a clear anti- Muslim agenda with no basis from Islamic scripture.Some of these practices you mention may have been followed by certain sections of the Muslim empire but that does not make it justified on your part to vilify Islam.What I am trying to imply is that what Islam preaches is not necessarily what Muslims have been practicing.

    • We have a clear anti Islamism agenda. You are welcome to join us and a host of others the world over in defeating the fascism embedded in Islamic doctrine, that has ravaged and continues to ravage indigenous communities, or you can stay behind pontificating on a baseless rhetoric. Your choice.

    • lol. maybe if someone payed them to spend time on twitter, they wouldn’t have to take time off twitter to work on other things.

  2. Why do you hate most of the religions, especially Islam? I mean, they haven’t done anything to harm you unless or until the religions state that harm is permissible. And on top of that you have a clear anti-Islam agenda, which makes me think,’Why do you hate Islam so much?’. Aside from that, I just wated to note you that Islam isn’t a religion of war, as you try to describe it in your articles. It’s just the media that’s trying to feed negativity about Islam in the hearts of people.
    Moreover, if you try to retort saying that Muslims flee to other countries, since their own follows the Islamic Doctrine that is hurting them, and then causing harm and commotion in other countries, then I’m sorry to say, but you are wrong. People go to other countries because of their own will, just like tourists go for sightseeing, or some people go to work in other countries, that doesn’t mean that Muslims will bring calamity on to that country they are serving.
    What you are trying to promote in your articles isn’t secularism, it’s clear racism. I would say for the other religions the same thing despite being a Muslim myself (and Islam clearly says to respect other religions, it’s just that a few people don’t listen to this statement) because it’s seriously disrespectful and painful for those who believe in those faiths.
    Maybe you don’t feel this, but your articles are hurting the feelings of many people, especially Muslims. Just to say one more thing that it’s a common understanding that humans aren’t perfect, but don’t start criticizing their religions! Religions only aid as to become better since even they admit that humans aren’t perfect.
    I’m not an extremist, though. So please don’t take my words the wrong way. I just wanted to make things clear to you since you were being to much of a racist. You claim that people of other countries do racism against you Africans, but what you’re also doing the same thing! So if you wish that others shouldn’t do racism against you guys, you should fix your behaviors as well. It’s important for gaining trust and respect if you want so.
    Thank you,

    • Your line “unless or until the religions state that harm is permissible” says it all. So no cartoons then …. but beheading for apostasy, or leaving Islam is OK? Why any loving parent would bring their child up in this religion is beyond me.

  3. US didn’t strike the world on basis of religion? Or did she?
    Its not religion that makes you. it only only you, what makes you.
    Its is far more easy to show the world wrong side of picture. because you only have to speak and speak and speak, not judging your words, or reading history.
    While it is much difficult to show right picture because you speak carefully.

  4. Just read the article “Islamic Slavery; Islamic Denial”, very interesting. It’s good to hear african voices on that subject.

  5. You seem to have sickness in your heart. So you will only see whatever is sick. With your negative approach all your energy going into making venomous and vituperative outpours you are forever destined to burn in the fire of your own hatred and bigotry.

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