Islamic Countries Must Change their Approach.

©2014. Secular African Society. All Rights Reserved.

It is not secularists who need to quit opposing Islam. It is Islam who needs to abolish Islamism, and learn to respect everyone else!

Islamic countries have to change their approach towards interacting with other Islamic countries and everyone else. They cannot continue with the same political approach and socio-cultural ideology, while unceasingly blaming the West for their misfortunes! Muslims will need to hang up their global islamisation agenda. They will also need to give up this religious nationalism agenda in their own countries, primarily for the benefit of religious minorities, and secondarily for the security of their neighbours. Are laws of apostasy and blasphemy still heralded by/ and in Islamic countries? Islamism, a nocuous ideology inherent to Islamic jurisprudence sanctions colonial plunder, amputation, beheading, rape, slavery, jizya, child marriage and jihad on an imperial scale. This ideology is continually heralded by Muslim communities not just in Islamic countries but also in the West. If Muslims still want to preserve Islamic edicts for now and the future, then Heretic Muslims will need to separate violent intolerant islamic laws from the tolerant ones. They can preserve the latter, but they will have to give up the former. It is no longer a matter that concerns Muslims only, but one that concerns the entire human race. Islamic doctrine is avidly permeating lands and its wars of islamisation are partitioning countries left right and centre. Tackling this virulent ideology is very much an issue for all to be concerned with. Muslims will need to respect the values enshrined in human rights pacts around the world, as guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter, and not by a virulent 7th century religio-political charter.

©2013. Secular African Society. All Rights Reserved.

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