Introducing Hindutva.

Introducing Hindutva.

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Truth is One, Sages Call it by Many Names, and The Whole Universe is one Family” ~ Hindutva ethos.

If one called Hindutva a Third World’s cry to emancipate itself from the preying snares of foreign invaders, foreign rule, and charity industrialism; that analysis would be anything but sophist. Moreso, that analysis would be correct. If Secularism is the antidote to religious cultural imperialism and inequality, Hindutva is India’s antidote to the fading dream of self-pride, a Uniform Code for All and self-reliance.

Hindutva is a much welcome and progressive nationalist ideology for India. One which Naipaul lauds in the face of critics, as a ‘corrective to the past’ and a ‘broader civilisational resurgence’. Prior to the early 20th century, Hindutva was non-existent. Its birth was the doing of systematic aggression. Its announcement to the world was purely in resistance to unfettered abuse and oppression.

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Jewish Persecution at the Hands of Christians.

Jewish Persecution at the Hands of Christians. 

Religion. While it can be used to teach morals, it can also be used as an instrument of wickedness to bludgeon those with a differing disposition.

Jewish persecution at the hands of Christians is a narrative one hardly hears of. It’s not particularly mainstream. The persecution of Jews is usually associated with Hitler and the Nazi movement, but that’s just about where the exposition usually ends. Historically, Jews and Christians have not had rosy relations. At the hands of Christians, Jews have been chased from their ancestral lands, repeatedly exiled from pastures they settled on, forcibly converted to Christianity, their wealth looted, properties seized, communities pillaged, tortured, brutally murdered, ethnically cleansed; the list goes on. Jews were the targets of rabid anti-semitic propaganda in the Christian and Western world for centuries. What’s more, Jews were at the receiving end of such treatments for no reason other than the fact than they were Jews! In fact so blatant was anti-semitism in the Christian West that in 1478, the Spanish authorities who were avidly dispossessing Jews of fair treatment and their rights as humans, set up an inquisition to detect insincere Jewish conversions to Christianity!

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Observing Child Marriage.

Day of the Girl (II): Observing Child Marriage.

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“Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody” ~ Jane Austen.

Feminism has no truer values than those of equality, self-determination and independence. For only in learning to value the self, can one equally value others and live in prosperous mutually-fulfilling relationships with them.

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Jane Austen.

The United Kingdom is today known and equally lauded for defending and upholding values of women’s rights. The U.K however wasn’t always this way. England, which is the eco-demographic hub of the U.K (housing 100 of Europe’s 500 largest corporations, accounting for 84% of the combined total of the U.K’s population, and upon whose legal system, developed over centuries, is the basis of Common Law the world over) at one point promoted laws that persecuted women simply for being women!

Women were burt alive for killing their husbands (even when done in self-defence), practicing “witchcraft”, defying orthodox status quo by seeking academic pursuits and independence, demanding the rights to sue and to own property. Uncannily, men who did the same or similar were vindicated by order of the very same cumulation of ancestral and fundamentalist religious tradition!

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