Islam’s Fundamental Policy of Divide And Rule Was What Partitioned India.

Islam, fundamentally is a policy of Divide and Rule. This iniquitous ideology was what caused the inevitable partition of India. Islam’s theological assault on the concept of pluralistic co-existence, and its politically-engineered weakening of local ties, also led to the genocide of two million Sudanese during the Second Sudanese Civil War. It further culminated in the equally inevitable partition of Sudan. Islam is unique in that it is the only religion known to mankind, which demands complete dominion over man’s personal, social, cultural and political spheres. Islam, fundamentally is invasive. Politically, it is uncompromisingly and eternally expansionist. Fundamental Islam leaves the non-Muslim with a choice to either wholly submit to Islam’s rule or violently part ways with Islam – leaving in the clutches of Islam, a small or large part of what used to be one’s ancestral land and one’s community.

©2013. Secular African Society. All Rights Reserved.

“The wound inflicted by their [Islamic invaders’] ideology i.e. Islam, which brought them to India, cannot be effaced from memory because instead of healing, this hurt has turned into an incurable abscess. Though 95 percent of all Muslims descend from the original population and the remaining 5 percent also qualify as Indians owing to their permanent residence over the centuries, they all want to be considered as a separate Muslim nation, dedicated to the belief that their motherland is a Dar-ul- Harb. It is this iniquitous philosophy, which caused the partition of India. What the Arabs [Arab invaders] failed to do themselves, the Arabian doctrine of Divide and Rule has done for them.”  ~ Anwar Skaikh.

©2013. Secular African Society. All Rights Reserved.

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